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The Siouxland-Pain Clinic is the Premier Interventional Pain Clinic in the greater Sioux City/Dakota Dunes region, with an additional office in Brookings, ND. Our physicians and staff are well trained to assist you with all types of pain management options in order to target the chronic pain that may be negatively impacting your life, such as back, leg, hip, neck, and joint pain. We strive to be compassionate while relying on our training and the current interventional pain standards to help you become whole again. We pride ourselves in offering our patients prompt care while utilizing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge treatments available in the interventional pain control industry.


Each clinic consultation consists of a thorough history, detailed physical exam, comprehensive review of the past medical records, and personal study of the films with the patient, including MRI, CT myelogram, and/or X-rays.

Conditions Treated 


  • Chronic/ Acute Back Pain 

  • Radiculopathic Pain (pain shooting down the legs)

  • Work Related Injuries 

  • Joint Pain 

  • Muscle Pain 

  • And many other conditions  See more >>


We provide a wide scope of both interventional and non-interventional treatments:


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